Some reasons why A Permanent Solution is the best permanent hair removal clinic for you!                                                      

   1. Highly trained and skilled Electrologist
   2. Clean and professional environment
   3. Individualized treatment plan set up just for you
   4. Complimentary consultation in a private and confidential setting
   5. Conveniently located in downtown Anchorage
   6. Excellent results with a proven method of permanent hair removal


At A Permanent Solution, I offer a free consultation so you have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered before you begin.

Q.    Is electrolysis really permanent?

A.    Yes, it is the only proven method known to medical science which will safely remove hair permanently. Many clients are referred directly by their family physician or a specialist such as a dermatologist, endocrinologist, or plastic surgeon.

Q.    Why are a series of treatments necessary?

A.    1.) Stages of hair growth—Hair is in different stages of growth at any                   given time and electrolysis can only be performed on visible hair.
        2.) A large percentage of hair are in the resting telogen stage of growth         and I can only treat the hair as it breaks through the surface of the skin.
        3.) Hormone imbalance—If there is an imbalance, follicles that         previously did not contain hair may begin to produce hair

Q.    What causes the growth of extra hair?

A.    Usually it can be traced to simple aging, or a hereditary or glandular disturbance. Some illnesses, operations and medications may also be factors. Normal changes include puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Q.    Will electrolysis cause scarring or permanent damage to my skin?

A.    No. Electrolysis, when done correctly by a professional, will not cause any scarring or damage to the skin. Your skin should be just as beautiful after treatment as it was before.

Q.    What areas of the body can I have treated?

A.    Women: Cheeks, lip, chin, neck, eyebrows, chest, breasts, abdomen,         legs, bikini, toes, fingers, hairline, underarms, etc. 

        Men: Back, shoulders, ears, eyebrows, neckline, nose, beard sculpting

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