At A Permanent Solution, I use the Blend Technique of Electrolysis. The Blend combines Galvanic and Thermolysis by taking the best of both techniques and producing a faster and more effective treatment. The Blend Technique is accomplished by the use of AC and DC currents operating in concert with one another. AC current, or alternating current operates through radio waves that travel through the air. DC, or direct current operates by a connection that returns the current back to the machine to complete the circuit. This happens through the electrode that you will hold. You will feel nothing while this process takes place.

It is here where AC and DC work in concert with one another to to form sodium hydroxide, filling the hair follicle and destroying not only the bulb of the unwanted hair, but also the hair germ cells that could continue to produce new hair growth. It is important to note that I am not injecting anything into the hair follicle. The sodium hydroxide forms when the natural moisture in your body along with the natural salt in your body come in contact with the combination of the AC and DC.  
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